How To Dress A Man For A Wedding

So that the boys can be perfect and elegant in each event, we talk about how to dress a man for a wedding. Each garment you choose should fit you well and above all, make your body a beautiful shape. Men in general think that choosing a wardrobe to go to a wedding is easy and simple, but it is not like that, it requires a lot of attention and time.

The important thing is that you use wedding suits that is appropriate for a wedding and that highlights your own style. You should always see yourselves and be comfortable.

Wedding Schedule

To choose the ideal wardrobe you must know the type of wedding and also the time it takes place. Seeing the invitation card is very important, many of the brides tell you what type of dress you should wear, but if you guide a little with the invitation card or with the words that the bride and groom tell you if they want some type of dress for their best wedding.

The mid-dress suit. It is the most recommended suit for all men who are invited to a wedding party. The half dress suit is that jacket suit, you can use it with a bow tie or a tie, it all depends on your tastes, the bow tie will always be recommended in an afternoon/evening wedding.

If you were the best man or a special person of the bride and groom, it is best to use a morning suit, but always remember if the wedding requires a morning coat or not.

Neutral And Dark Colors

Neutral colors are perfect for men who are invited to a wedding that takes place outdoors, in the countryside or on the beach, because the advantage they have is that they are cool and do not absorb the sun’s heat.

Weddings that take place in the evening. It is forbidden to use light suits, it is better that you opt for dark colored suits such as navy blue, charcoal gray or black, you can choose one of these colors.

Dark colored prom suits, if you wear black you should choose to wear a tuxedo, it will always be more ideal for the afternoon/evening wedding.

Tie Or Bow Tie?

With the tie or bow tie for weddings you must create an elegant look, where you wear a balanced and sophisticated combination.

For those who like a more fun style, we recommend that you wear a white shirt with a colored bow tie or tie or one with a pattern.

When To Wear A Tie And When To Wear A Bow Tie?

Personally, we recommend that the tie be used with an infinite number of colors, fabrics, patterns, and that it be worn with a morning suit or suits of a single color or in an informal plan, either with a more informal jacket and pants of another color or with a pattern.

We like the bow tie more for a night wedding, party style, if it is true that bow ties are being worn more and more and more informally, with colors and drawings. But we voted for it to be worn with a tuxedo or tailcoat.

What Shoes, Handkerchiefs?

Shoes must be elegant and leather. The color of the shoes should match the suit, especially the pants. For beige or blue suits, dark black and blue shoes, or brown ones, are recommended.

It is very important that they are always clean and new, never scratched or worn; it is a shame that you go impeccable and then the detail of the shoes ruins the outfit.

Accessories are important when it comes to wearing a suit. Wear a belt or suspenders, a printed or plain handkerchief in your jacket pocket, a printed or plain tie and always a nice watch on your wrist.